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1000 Miglia 2021 is ready to start

Verantwortlicher Autor: Gianluca Conversi Brescia, 08.02.2021, 14:31 Uhr
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1000 Miglia 2019 (archive)
1000 Miglia 2019 (archive)  Bild: Gianluca Conversi

Brescia [ENA] The 2021 competition will follow the tradition of the route, from Brescia to Rome and back, with legs in Viareggio and Bologna, but this edition will introduce an absolute novelty for the re-enactment of the 1000 Miglia: for the first time ever, the competition will take place in the opposite

of the recent editions, taking up the counter-clockwise direction of many editions of the original speed race. From Brescia, the crews will head towards the Tyrrhenian coast and stop in Viareggio, leaving the next day for Rome. The third leg will start there, go up north and end beyond the Apennines, in Bologna. The fourth and last leg, from Bologna, will take to the traditional arrival in Brescia.

The Official Race Map (Courtesy

A new route will lead the crews to face, for the first time, three mountain passes: Passo della Cisa in the first leg and Passi di Futa e Raticosa in the third day of the race. A new feature that will satisfy many fans of the competition. Due to CovSas2, only 375 cars will be admitted and the subscriptions are already open. It is possible to submit the participation request up to 9 match 2021. The models eligible to take part in the 1000 Miglia are those of which at least one specimen took part – or completed the registration formalities – in one edition of the historic 1000 Miglia that was held from 1927 to 1957.

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