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The Mille Miglia 2018

Verantwortlicher Autor: Gianluca Conversi Brescia, 23.03.2018, 11:55 Uhr
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The winners of the Mille Miglia 2017 edition
The winners of the Mille Miglia 2017 edition  Bild: Gianluca Conversi

Brescia [ENA] The 36th edition of the re-enactment of the Mille Miglia will start on Wednesday 16 May 2018. The classic route to Rome and back will end in Brescia on Saturday 19 May. The register reserved for cars of the 1OOO Miglia, has been presented at "Techno Classica" in ESSEN.

What made it essential for the life of the Freccia Rossa were both the ever increasing number of entries to our race and the high number of classic cars put back in circulation after careful restorations: in both cases, there is now a greater need for clarity and certainty on the originality and historical authenticity of the cars. For these reasons, the first rule of the Registro 1OOO Miglia will be to operate with maximum transparency and caution; this requirement is the foundation of the close collaboration with ACI Storico, ACI Sport and FIVA, the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens, the associations that oversee the certification of vehicles taking part in historical events in Italy and internationally.

The establishment of the Register will also have an important impact on the market of collector and vintage cars: the 725 entries received from all over the world for the 1OOO Miglia 2018 bear witness to a network of exchanges – among both private and professional sellers – concerning hundreds of vintage cars placed on the market. Among these, it is often claimed that some have taken part in the 1OOO MIGLIA or are however eligible for the modern re-enactment, even when this does not correspond to the truth. Among the functions of the Register there will be exactly that of authenticat-ing the cars, ensuring the transactions of the cars that meet the “1OOO MIGLIA standards”.

Moreover, the certification of the Registro 1OOO Miglia, also guaranteed by FIVA and ACI Storico, will positively entail the stabilization of the value of the car. The aims of 1000 Miglia Srl and Automobile Club Brescia – in collaboration with the above mentioned Organizations – are the following: to catalogue, take a census of and certify the individual specimens that have taken part in at least one of the twenty-four editions from 1927 to 1957, identified by the chassis number or number plate; to control and certify the car models having participated in at least one edition from 1927 to 1957.

To this end, two archives have been established under the aegis of the 1OOO Miglia Register, which will act as certifying bodies of either participation in one of the original editions from 1927 to 1957, or the eligibility to enter into or participate in the re-enactment editions, respectively named Competitor 1OOO Miglia 1927/1957 Cars and Eligible Mille Miglia Cars. Registration for the 1OOO Miglia Register will be reserved exclusively for cars built before 31st December 1957. Following approval of the request, the cars registered as “Competitor Car” can obtain the following certificates:

1OOO MIGLIA Class Winner, for the single car specimens that won a Class victory between 1927 and 1957; 1OOO MIGLIA Overall Winner, for the individual car specimens that obtained an absolute victory between 1927 and 1957. The cars that will register as “Eligible Car”, belonging to models that had entered into the race from 1927 to 1957, will receive a 1OOO MIGLIA Registered Model certificate. Only vintage cars that meet the following requirements will be eligible for registration in the 1OOO Miglia Register: Car in original conditions, or Restored Car abiding by the original configuration, or Car with changes documented and made during the period of use. Accessories of that period will be allowed.

To be registered in the Registro 1OOO Miglia, all cars must be in possession of the FIVA Identity Card, which can be requested at the time of registration. The cars owned by applicants residing in Italy must have the Fiche ACI Storico, which will be optional for residents outside of Italy. The bodies that will form the Registro 1OOO Miglia will be the Scientific Committee, the Management Committee and the Committee of Honour. The Scientific Committee will have the following functions:  Put forward the Regulations of the Register and its possible variations to 1000 Miglia Srl.

 Evaluate the progress of the project on an annual basis.  Offer technical advice to the Management Committee in case of request.  Suggest the inclusion of brand experts in the Register of Brand Consultants. For the first three years, the members will be the Chairman of 1000 Miglia Srl, a representative of the Governing Council of ACI Brescia, two international experts – pin-pointed as Alfredo Orsi and Mark Gessler –and Paolo Mazzetti as Historical Consultant of 1000 Miglia Srl. The Management Committee will have the following functions:  Update and check the list of models of cars that have participated in at least one edition of the 1OOO Miglia from 1927 to 1957.

Request any technical/historical advice from the Scientific Committee. The Management Committee will be composed of the following four members: an Historical Consultant of 1000 Miglia Srl, Paolo Mazzetti, who will be the Chairman of the Committee, a sector ex-pert appointed by 1000 Miglia Srl, Giuseppe Cherubini, a representative of ACI Storico, Marco Mottini, and a representative of FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens), Paul Lover-idge. The Registro 1OOO Miglia will also have an Committee of Honour, whose members will be the Chairmen (or persons designated by them) of Automobile Club Brescia, 1000 Miglia Srl, Club Mille Miglia Franco Mazzotti, ACI Storico, Automobile Club d'Italia and FIVA.

The establishment of the Register will make it possible to have a constantly updated list of where the “1OOO Miglia type” cars are found, allowing owners to be contacted to suggest they take part in several initiatives, or to lend their cars for temporary or thematic exhibitions, or for the creation of various publications. The registration of the car to the Register, starting from 2019, will simplify the entry to the re-enactment of the 1OOO Miglia: those who will enter will no longer have to document their car with data, documents and photographs, but they will simply have to provide the certification number. Moreover, should there be equal specimens, 1OOO Miglia srl will give precedence to the certified cars.

Registrations to the 1OOO Miglia Register will open next May, at the 2018 edition of the Freccia Rossa. Aldo Bonomi, Chairman of 1000 Miglia Srl: «The first objective that the 1OOO Miglia Register has set is to strengthen the image of the Mille Miglia brand, by consolidating the idea of the Freccia Rossa as synonymous with a precise life-style, with its famous “way of life”, aimed directly at that public that is more involved and closer to the Race: the collectors of vintage cars. The development of an archive that includes not only the technical characteristics of the cars but also other information such as the owners’ data, their professions, tastes and hobbies, will entail the natural constitution of a community».

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