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FRECCE TRICOLORI makes unprecedent flyover Italy

Verantwortlicher Autor: Gianluca Conversi Milan, 25.05.2020, 14:13 Uhr
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Frecce Tricolori ready for take-off
Frecce Tricolori ready for take-off   Bild: Gianluca Conversi / PSC

Milan [ENA] Italian Air Force aerobatic display team FRECCE TRICOLORI started today an unprecedented flyover the regional capitals in memory of Covid-19 deaths. The 5 days-tour, initiated today flying over Trento, Milan and Codogno (the first town where the lockdown started).

This Monday afternoon, the tour called "Abbraccio Tricolore" (tricolor embrace ) will continue over Aosta, Turin and Genoa. The mission of 313rd Aerobatic Team, mounting 10 Aermacchi MB-339A PAN trainer jets will continue in the next days finishing next June 2 over Rome, there day of Republic National Day. More info:

Frecce Tricolori (Gianluca Conversi / PSC)
Frecce Tricolori (Gianluca Conversi / PSC)
Frecce Tricolori (Gianluca Conversi / PSC)

Program (it might change): 25 May: Trento, Codogno and Milan 25 May: Aosta and Turin 26 May: Genova and Firenze 26 May: L’Aquila 27 May: Cagliari, Sardinia 27 May: Palermo, Sicily 28 May: Catanzaro and Bari 28 May: Potenza, Naples and Campobasso 29 May: Loreto and Ancona 29 May: Bologna, Venice and Trieste 02 giugno: Rome Aermacchi (now Leonardo Aircrafts) MB-339A PAN is the twin-seat trainer jet flown by Frecce Tricolori since 1982; the new jet, the Leonardo M-345 HET will substitute "339" within a couple of years.

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