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Geneva International Discussions (GID)

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Geneva, 08.07.2019, 13:11 Uhr
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Rome/Geneva [ENA] The 48th round of the Geneva International Discussions (GID) took place on 3 July. The Geneva International Discussions (GID) are international talks, launched in Geneva, Switzerland, in October 2008, to address the consequences of the 2008 conflict in Georgia. Co-chaired by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the European Union (EU), and the United Nations (UN), the Geneva process brings

together representatives of the participants of the conflict—Georgia, Russia, and Georgia's breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia—as well as the United States. The discussions were held in a business-like atmosphere against the backdrop of recent developments on the ground. The participants’ commitment to the Discussions have been welcomed by the Co-Chairs who called for a result-oriented approach to achieve concrete progress on the core issues. However, they regretted the crossing restrictions imposed on 27 June at the Abkhaz administrative boundary line. These restrictions ought to be lifted without delay. It was highlighted that these measures have negatively affected freedom of movement, especially of persons in need of medical

assistance and students travelling to take exams. In Working Group I, the general security situation was described as relatively calm and stable. The value of Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms (IPRMs) and hotlines was pointed out. In this context, the need to resume the suspended meetings of the Gali IPRM was once again stressed. The functioning of the Ergneti IPRM was positively mentioned.

In Working Group II, the participants reviewed the humanitarian situation on the ground, in particular the impact of the crossing restrictions. They also discussed missing persons and agreed on the need to make progress on all cases. The participants furthermore exchanged views on documentation, public health, education and environmental challenges. While the participants agreed on the importance of the issue of internally displaced persons/refugees, it could not be addressed in substance due to a walkout by some participants. In this regard, the Co-Chairs regretted the disruption of the round and call on participants to constructively engage on all agenda items. The participants agreed to hold the next GID round ‪on 8-9 October 2019‬.

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